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Let's Get Physical: Training in
Embodied Leadership and Innovation

© Dirk Rose


Embodied leadership is the ability to integrate leadership values through deliberate physical practice.


Embodied Leadership responds to neuro-scientific advances, which show that the body is a fundamental factor in cognition and in the development of creativity. More than giving information about "what" is leadership and absorbing theoretical models, it focuses on "how" to lead in the practice, from the materiality of the body. Embodied Leadership has established itself as the most innovative solution in U.S.A. in the last 5 years and it is currently an emerging practice in Europe. In 2020 Forbes magazine dedicated the article  "Embodied Leadership: A Cure For What Ails Us?" to the topic.



Our program Let's Get Physical, is a pioneer for its use of an original methodology based on movement-based acting techniques and for its specific focus on creativity and innovation. 


Applying Acting-Based techniques as a methods of embodied learning, Let's Get Physical brings you closer to your body as an essential ally in your transformation and creation process. Embodied learning means that knowledge is retained and used not only from a cognitive understanding, but from an experience felt through the body. This felt experience means that your knowledge will generate new actions consistent with your values, even under pressure.

© Dirk Rose



The startups, ONG and companies that have worked with us are:




Javier Pérez

Cofounder and CMO of

"It has a transformational effect. My opinion is: you have to do it!"

Javier Jiménez

Cofounder and CEO of

"Let's Get Physical sheds light"


Eugenio Calderón

Founder and CEO of

"It's gonna change you in ways that you are not yet aware of"



In Let's get physical not only are you going to transform yourself but you are going to become who you are dreaming to be.


The training contrasts the conditioned reactions on a physical and deep level, generating a series of psycho-physical habits necessary to lead with success, integrity and capacity for innovation. The course provides consistent and reliable tools -as physical and tangible- to truly lead on a day-to-day basis.

© Dirk Rose

In the program you will:



  • Develop your presence as a psycho-physical quality and develop your personal and professional charisma.


  • Learn to manage the proper energy for effective action under exquisite pressure.


  • Build an attitude of sensitive listening, availability and pro-activity on the basis of group leadership.


  • Strengthen the imagination and intuition as bodily processes in which to support you to speed up decision-making and enhance the development of vision.


  • Increase the capacity for creative connection of your body and your mind, learning to modify limiting habits, and to generate and maintain favorable mindsets based on physical attitudes.


  • Read and master non-verbal language -including the emission of the voice and the word- integrating it into an action-oriented communication, capable of moving the listener.


  • Integrate your thoughts, your emotions and your intuition to the movement to expand the potential reach of your transformation and creation process.


  • See and use your needs and desires as the driving forces for action aligned with your vision and strategies.


  • Learn how to tell stories and to create atmospheres so that you transmit your authentic value.


  • Be present "in your center" and in an attitude of listening when you face a conflict and strengthen your assertiveness.


You will combine readings and group discussions on bodily leadership with bodily practice, including guided exercises, improvisations -individual, in pairs, and in groups- and creative tasks.


You will keep a journal in which you will take notes of your training practice, you will note the interaction between concepts and bodily experience, and you will reflect on the role that your body has in the learning and leadership process.

© Dirk Rose
© Dirk Rose


— Presence and energy: You will integrate breathing, gaze, postural alignment and relationship with gravity and movement to expand your charisma and ability to influence your environment.


— Imagination in motion: You will achieve the creative union of body and mind and you will enhance the ability to visualize from the body, to release the power of imagination at the base of creative thinking.


Intuition: You will develop intuition as an impulse towards action and as an ally to make effective and appropriate decisions for the present, creatively synthesizing all the information and avoiding mental blocks.


— Effort factors: Exploring the connection between movement habits and mindsets, you will acquire the key transformation tools to change your mental attitudes through physical actions in accordance with your goals and consistent with your strategies.


Basic actions: You will break automathic behavior patterns and transform your behaviors in the service of your goals, experiencing in your own body the range of all possible movement / thought modalities (8 basic actions of Laban's effort) and learning to pass from one to another.


Centers and attitudes: You will master the symbolic and practical language of gestures, posture and handling the body centers to align thoughts, emotions and intuition within an action consistent with your values.


Atmospheres: You will communicate through atmospheres as a common emotional ground between you and your environment, and you will be able to infect your team members with an emotional quality that is favorable to work.


Voice in movement: You will approach and understand the voice as a force in movement and you will use the word as a gesture, to speak in an authentic and impactful way.


Storytelling: You will learn concrete and effective techniques to create captivating and authentic stories from a lived event, telling your professional mission with the force of a life story.


Physical dialogue and conflict: You will handle the rules of physical dialogue, acquiring the ability to react and listen under pressure. You will learn to improvise to accompany your goals with action-oriented words, listening while you speak.

Contents and Techniques



Neuroscience has shown that the body is a backbone of cognition.

Body language not only determines what we communicate - 80% of the information in a conversation comes from non-verbal action! - but it also informs our way of understanding others. The recent "mirror neuron theory" shows that we understand the thoughts, emotions and dispositions of other people by repeating them in the first person, in our body.

Furthermore, even more recent studies have shown that the involvement of the body and movement in learning is a decisive factor in the development of creativity. 


Body movement increases myelin production and intensifies the neuronal interconnections responsible for imagination, the most important quality when creating.

Let's get physical integrates the techniques of physical theatre and holistic and creative somatic practices with the purpose of fostering embedded leadership that is focused on innovation.



We offer different solutions for individuals, groups, ONG, Companies, Managers, Teams and Movement Leaders who want to make a change in themselves and their environment.



Módulos temáticos

Are you specifically interested in only one or some of the subjects of the training?


The contents can be treated in independent work modules.


We design the option that best suits you.

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