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We design per/formative experiences in which the audience is the main actor


The audience ("el público") is the future of theatre. Most people will go to the theater as a place to play.

Some people play petanque, others play cards and there will be people who will go to the theater to play for a while and have fun, while they change their bodies and their minds."

El Público is a creation, research and educational project working in the common ground between theatre, dance, and the live arts, experimenting with participatory formats that support audience in active transformation on stage in analogy with life.

El Público expands performance outside the theaters, activating bodily creativity in schools, universities, neighborhoods, ministries, homes, streets and other places of daily life. 


El Público applies the performing arts as a means for embodied learning and critical pedagogy, promoting imagination in action and playful thinking as tools for innovating and extending quality education.

El Público occupies the interface between the intimate, private and public spaces, trying to infect reality with performance superpowers, and letting on stage realities that surpass fiction.

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