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MUJERES CON V.                                                   

Six women survivors not only of HIV, but above all of stigma, take the stage to tell their life stories related to HIV, from stigma to violence, from sexual and partner relationships to motherhood.


Direction and Dramaturgy: Nicoletta Cappello and El Público

​Performers: Carmela La Vela, Lola Power, Flor, Mariquilla, Arancha, La Faraona, La Doctora

Live music and voice: Monica Acevedo

​Production and technique: Sara Sánchez

Assistant Director: Karla Meneses

Mediation and comunication: Debora La Doctora Álvarez

An initiative by


Founded by

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STATO VEGETALE    (online)                                                        +more

Moved by the current ecological crisis, Charles Darwin has returned to Earth with an experiment, Stato Vegetale, to save human beings from extinction. The experiment is a performance that invites the audience to get into the body of a plant, to learn its survival skills. Anyone can participate in Stato Vegetale: you will perform the performance live, from your own home, following Darwin's instructions. We also invite you to join the experience, even if you don't want to actively participate.


In Spanish with English Subtitles.

Concept, direction and dramaturgy: Nicoletta Cappello

Director assistant: Marlene Michaelis

Sound design: Francesco Frasca

Technical direction: Maria Virzí

Audiovisual design: Olimpia Pierucci

Performers: Livia Maria Antonelli, Laura Ayala, Karla Meneses

Production Direction: Yara Himelfarb, Angelina Mrakic

English: Angelina Mrakic

Premiered the 19th of January 2021 at Teatro de La Abadía Madrid

Produced by Il Pubblico

With the support of an Extraordinary Award Carlota Soldevila, Teatre Lliure Barcelona

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DRAMASOFÍA                                                              +more


A participatory performance that invites the audience to experience philosophical concepts through interactive theatrical games, moving from ideas to actions. 

The authors realize an autobiographical travel to their adolescence through the theories of six great philosophers studied at High School: Socrates, Plato, Hume, Mill, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. Six images are projected from the authors' body and ask out the spectator to consider their own relationship with Philosophy.


Concepts materialize, taking the form, color and movement of dreams, memories and fantasies. Theories are released from the notebook as if they came out of a secret diary.

Concept, devising, performance: Kira Anzizu and Nicoletta Cappello​
Technical support: Maria Virzí / Fabio Pecchioli

Coproduction: Casale Rappini Terracina / Camere d'Aria Bologna

Foto and video: Raquel Rappini / Hector Noguera

Production: Moveosofia

Premiered the 4th of July 2019 at Impact Hub Madrid

Teaser1 / Teaser2

Awarded with Premi Born a la Creación Contemporánea / Premio Citofonare PimOFFResidency prize Fabra i Coats Barcelona / Creative Business Studio Impact Hub MadridSelected at Festival Presente FuturoTeatro Libero Palermo


Collective creation of a multidisciplinary group of artists. The piece reflects on the process similarities between the scientific method and artistic research methodologies, observing the paradoxes that arise from the encounter between a rationalistic mentality and the instances of artistic creation.


Concept, devising and performance: Lena Kunz, Clara Gohmert, Nicoletta Cappello, Jens Eike Krüger

Premiere: 4 June 2016, Pact Zollverein Essen


Produced and exhibited inside Feldstärke Pact Zollverein

Photo Credits: Dirk Rose



Movement solo that explores the dynamics and forms of thinking, using the imagination of the body.

Creation and performance: Nicoletta Cappello
Outside eye: Mu-yi Kuo
Production: Folkwang Universität der Künste

Selected for Feldstärke im Pact Zollverein Essen, Short Cut Festival at the Pina Bausch Theater of the FdK Essen, Physical Theater Festival in Maschinenhaus Essen


PALIQUES FEMENINOS                                                    +more
Paliques femeninos  is a performance exploring the gestures which traditionally "define" woman gender and femininity.
Concept, devising and performance: Mar Balaguer, Nicoletta Cappello, Karla Meneses, Aura Lobera, Livia Ramos
Costumes: Mar Balaguer
Atrezzo: Aura Lobera
Lights: Alfonso Rodríguez González
Photo: Alfonso Rodríguez González
​Video: Indi Costa
Production: Amedias Teatro
Premiered the 9th of December 2015 at Matadero Madrid
Winner of Galerías Award by LaCárcel Segovia,
Selected in Russafa Escénica Valencia
Premio Carabanchel en Escena
Selected at the Exposition Ni Arte ni Educación, Matadero Madrid



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