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Director, Dramaturg and Art Educator                                               + INFO

I am a performing artist, an art pedagogue and a researcher in Arts and Education in cotutelle between University of Girona and University of Catania, now visiting the Artistic Doctorate in Performing Arts at University of the Arts Helsinki. I have a BA in Physical Theatre from Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid and MA in Theater and Performing Arts from UCM Madrid, and I studied physical theatre pedagogy at Folkwang Universität der Künste, in Essen at in Creative Business Studio Madrid. I am interested in processual forms and in working at the interface of different artistic disciplines as well as studying the common ground between performance art, dance and theatre. My creations have won several prizes to contemporary artistic creation, such as an “Extraordinary Award Carlota Soldevila” of Teatre Lliure Barcelona, the Citofonare PimOFF Award of PimOFF Milan, the PremiBorn Menorca and a Residency Prize of FabraiCoats Barcelona. My original pieces have been showed in venues like Teatro de La Abadía Madrid, Pact Zollverein Essen, Matadero Madrid, and have been selected in Festival Presente Futuro of Teatro Libero Palermo, Russafa Escénica Valencia and La Cárcel de Segovia. I have been director assistant of Emma Dante and Chiara Guidi at Societas Raffaello Sanzio and as a performer I have collaborated with El Conde de Torrefiel, Esthér Ferrer and Societas between others. I collaborate as theatre pedagogue with different educational institutions: Next Education, Summer School of Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi of Milan; Complutense University of Madrid, Institute of Learning Innovation at Francisco de Vitoria University and Bolonia University. 

OLIMPIA PIERUCCI - Audiovisual Creator and Biologist

I am an observer and lover of forms of all kinds, which leads me to be a naturalist and audiovisual experimenter. I am interested in uniting these elements to communicate about (and with) nature, but even more about our relationship with it, how it is today and how it could be. I have a mestizo cultural identity, which oscillates between Italy and Spain. I study Natural Sciences between Rome and Madrid. In June 2019, I joined Alessandro Gagliardo and maestro Enrico Ghezzi as a researcher and editing assistant in the film project “The Last Days of Humanity”. In 2020 I joined as editor to the making of the documentary “Senderos en el Bosque” by Giulio Ferrante. In the spring of 2021, together with the ethnobotanist Ivonne Vergara, we created a video illustration-guide of spontaneous plants of the Appia Antica Park in Rome, which partly covers the history of the park and partly the history of plants as living beings.

MARIA VIRZÍ - Technical Director, Stage Designer and Lighting Designer

I have a degree in scenography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where I approached lighting design. She collaborated with the Piccolo Teatro in Milan as a stage electrician and as a stage technician with Teatro Filodrammatici, Teatro del Buratto, PimOff Teatro (Milan) and with the MaMiMò company (Reggio Emilia). Since 2019 I have been technical director of the Nolo Fringe Festival in Milan. I am currently perfecting my training as a lighting and sound technician at the Academia del Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. Since 2017 I collaborate with dancers and choreographers directing and making the lighting designs, including: La era del horror by Riccardo Buscaini, Punk. Kill Me Please by Francesca Foscarini, Monsoon and UNdress by Masako Matsushita.

FRANCESCO FRASCA (DUBEAST) - Composer and Sound Designer

I am the founder of Dubeast, a reggae dub project conceived by three Sicilian guys who in 2017 made their first album “Blooming on a Barren Ground” in collaboration with maestro Paolo Baldini-DubFiles, and in 2020 their second album, Dubious Road, after a successful fundraiser. Beyond Dubeast I take seriously any project that I consider valuable and you can find my sounds and rhythms also in some short films, theatrical performances or video games.

MARLENE MICHAELIS -  Director, Assistant Director and Art Educator

Theater is my passion and after finishing my studies I am looking for a way to make a living from it. On the one hand, I carry out projects as a commissioned director and on the other hand, I always have a project in mind or in my hands for the love of art. Apart from carrying out theater projects, I am interested in participating in the creative process of scenic or audiovisual works, either as an assistant or in another position: I am a very responsible person and I am especially good at organizing creative processes. I am currently a Resident Direction Assistant at the Spanish Theater. Finally, I am beginning in the world of pedagogy, because it intrigues me to challenge myself and make the artistic knowledge that I have obtained over the years arrive in a playful and entertaining way. This job I envision doing in multiple languages ​​and educational settings. I have a blog called "Frutos Teatrales" in which I analyze and comment on works from the contemporary German scene.

LIVIA ANTONELLI - Performer, Organizer and Producer

I am an Italian actress, trained in physical theater at the Pina Bausch School in Germany and in Film Acting in Rome. That is why I like the multimedia and experimental performing arts. My professional experience also includes an organizational aspect. For 4 years I have been organizing the "Castellinaria" Pop Theater Festival in Alvito, my hometown near Rome, and in 2019 I won an international project to work on the programming of live shows at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival (FINCA ), where my connection with Ibero-American culture began. I am interested in contemporary dramaturgy, cinema, visual art in general, and I believe that art has to come out of the big cities and out of the usual conventional spaces.

KARLA MENESES -  Performer, Anthropologist, Dramaturg and Director

I am an actress from the Royal School of Dramatic Art of Madrid. She has a master's degree in social and cultural anthropology (Universidad Complutense Madrid), a Humanist Facilitator (Mexican Institute of Humanist Music Therapy) and a Diploma in Social Theater (Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo). I have developed my artistic work in a diversity of spaces and collectives in Mexico, Portugal and Spain. My work focuses on the social and educational field, as well as on artistic investigation of the body, the scenic space, creative writing and applied theater.

AURA LOBERA - Actress, Director and Stunt-woman

I have a degree in dramatic art from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid (RESAD) and a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. have worked as a stuntwoman in Spain, as well as created and directed my own theater projects such as "Le club". I am a lover of any artistic and theatrical form and I have been trained in dance, acrobatics and circus arts. Currently I am a teacher of secondary education, promoting the art of movement in the classrooms of Madrid. And thus, gesturally speaking, I will get older as far as I want.

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