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artist statement - nicoletta cappello (FOUNDER)

I am interested in processual forms and in working at the interface between different artistic disciplines as well as studying the common ground between Movement-based Performing Arts, Everyday Life and Decolonial Pedagogy.


My artistic practice interrogates how to reposition the role of audience/learner's bodily creativity at the center of performance event through active movement-based participation.


I research in creating performative formats that serve as pedagogical spaces where audience/learner's imagination can meet their bodies at a deeper and expanded level, as a door, a playground, a map, a spaceship to step through into submerged realities.

I am attracted by poetics of transformation, the fact of becoming something else and transcending.

I love playing to infect reality with the super / powers of performance.


I believe in bodily imagination as a powerful tool in order to learn from others - humans and non-humans-, in order to resist politics of sublimations and extraction, and co-create sustainable futures.

Some of the elements, tools, inspirations and concepts that interact in my work, are:

 #lowfi #presence 



#self-performance #documentary


#livecinema #intermediality

#livingobjects #tvarchives


#selfhelp #podcast

#meditation #doityourself


#plants #objects 


 #decolonialpedagogy #emergentstrategy







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