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Acting Games for Everyday Life


"REAL GAMES - Acting games for day to day", is series of podcasts that explores what performance can do in daily context when it is mediated by virtual platforms.

REAL GAMES uses the podcast as a means of dramatic writing, creating experiences on the border between fiction and reality in which the audience is the protagonist. REAL GAMES are not podcasts for listening up to but performances to be performed here and now.

The starting point of REAL GAMES are acting exercises and theatrical games applied to everyday situations off the stage. Daily actions such as going for a run, cooking a fried egg, cleaning the bathroom, taking a shower, going to grocery, walking the dog, taking the subway serve as the scores for potential shows, untimely flash mobs, relocated artistic interventions, improbable parties.


The REAL GAMES can be held in public or private spaces, individually, in a meeting with friends, in parties organized on purpose or - why not? - on top of a stage.


A sound performance in podcast format to be listened to and performed when you go for a run. It's a sensory dip in jogging. It is constructed as a journey through physical experiences that awaken the imagination, trigger changes in consciousness and culminate in a self-produced catharsis in the race.


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