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Physical theatre classes for the people_Online

We invite you to experience the online classes of Let's Get Physical, a physical theater training to never stopping moving yourself from your home, staying in touch with your body and with other people who move together from various parts of the world. In the Let's get physical classes we will search for our own body language, feeling the pleasure of moving and of a physical workout that activates not only your muscles but your very imagination and creativity.


You'll listen to the sensations you receive from inside and outside, you'll work with the body and the mind together and you'll master you unique body language. You'll explore other possibilities of acting and physically behaving upon our desires and goals in daily life.

We organize weekly, yearly and monthly training in three different languages: English, Spanish and Italian. The lessons are open to everyone, regardless of their experience and level.

The classes are realized through a simple free online platform, Zoom. Zoom is accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. * Download the app for easy access.


Don't top moving! Stay creative!

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