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1st Episode OUT! The Real Games (Los juegos de verdad/I giochi veri)

Performance Games for Everyday Life

In collaboration w/Radio Relativa

The real games (los juegos de verdad/i giochi veri) is a radio-dance/drama and a podcast that instead of being listened to is designed to be done. The podcast contains 21 real games, 21 audio-based dance scores and theatre games each to be performed in connection to a different everyday task. You can do the real games’ performances at home by following the step-by-step audio-instructions in real time while doing a daily activity. Like meditations in movement, you can enjoy the real games only by listening, also imagining or actively dancing. You can do the performances alone or accompanied. Here, now, or later. This 21-games challenge is created to add a spark of imagination to your daily routine, and it can lead to unexpected results…

Original idea, texts, voice: Nicoletta Cappello Sound concept, composition and performance: Francesco Frasca


We will present a communication about the project at the "INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS THE INTERMEDIA SCENE. Immersivity, interactivity and technology on the scene of the 21st century" at Complutense University in Madrid, Faculty of Filology, the 29th and 30th of January 2024. JOIN!


Welcome to the Real Games: Performance games for everyday life

**PLAYLIST** 00.00 - Rise and Shine 05.43 - Jelly Monster 13.48 - Mirror Fight 20.41 - Imagination Muscle 27.21 - Instant Karma 33.54 - Comb Your Mind 42.38 - The Furthest Room **GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS** Choose a real game from the playlist. Get bluetooth headphones or speakers and keep a sound device with internet connection with you. Listen carefully to the set-up instructions at the beginning of each game. (or read them below) Get the props needed as instructed. Go to the game-station as instructed. When everything is ready and you too, play the chosen Real Game audiotrack and listen to it. When the audio starts, the Real Game starts. When the audio ends, the Real Game ends. Real Game ends, but real life goes on. **SET UP INSTRUCTIONS** Rise and Shine Gamestation: your bedroom. Props: a bed. Play the real game’s audio. Previous task: Wear the headphones, go to the game station, lay on the bed. Jelly Monster Game station: your kitchen table. Props: a jelly jar, a plate with toasted bread, and a spoon. Previous task: Put all the props on your kitchen table. Put your headphones on. Go to the table and enjoy. Play the real game’s audio. Mirror Fight Gamestation: a sink in front of a mirror Props: toothbrush and toothpaste Previous task: Wear headphones, go to the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror. Play the real game’s audio. Imagination Muscle Playstation: you need an empty floor of 5mt2 and a mirror. Props: Gym clothes. Previous instructions: Wear your gym clothes. Put your headphones on. Go to the game’s playstation. Play the real game’s audio. Instant Karma Game-station: shower/bathroom Props: a towel to get dry, and a wireless sound speaker. Previous instructions: Connect your device to the sound speaker and bring it with you. Go to the game’s playstation. Play the real game’s audio Comb Your Mind Game-station: your bathroom or bedroom, or wherever you feel comfortable combing your hair. Props: a haircomb. Previous task: Put your headphones on, bring the haircomb with you and go to the game’s playstation. Play the real game’s audio Furthest Room Game-station: a random place at your home Props: no props. Previous task: Go to the game’s playstation. Play the real game’s audio.

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